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The first European to enter the Gulf: the final edition of Albuquerque's works

ALBUQUERQUE, Alfonso de. Commentarios do grande Afonso Dalboquerque capitao geral que foi das Indias orientaes em tempo do muito poderoso rey D. Manuel o primeiro deste nome.
Lisbon, Regia officina typografica, 1774. 4 volumes. Small 8vo. With a woodcut of Albuquerques coat of arms on all four title-pages, engraved portrait, an engraved illustration above the dedication, large engraved folding map and woodcut illustration in text. The map reaches from Egypt and Madagascar in the west to the Philippines and New Guinea in the east, including the Arabian Peninsula, the south of China, the east coast of Africa and most of the East Indies. Contemporary Portuguese mottled sheepskin with gold-tooled spines with red title labels, blue sprinkled edges, marbled endpapers. [6], XXX, [14], 343, [1]; [12], 285, [1], [2 blank]; [12], 289, [1], [2 blank]; [12], 256 pp. Full description
€ 7,500
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First issue of a rare educational kit by Aramco, teaching American children about Saudi Arabia

[ARAMCO]. You discover Saudi Arabia.
New York, [various publishers], 1969.
(1) PHILIPS, Ted. Getting to know Saudi Arabia.
New York, Coward-McCann, Inc., 1969.
(2) [ARAMCO]. 10 posters.
New York, Aramco, [1969].
(3) [ARAMCO]. A study guide for you discover Saudi Arabia.
New York, You Discover Inc., 1969.
Ad 1: 21,5 x 16.5 cm; ad 2: 56 x 43 cm; ad 3: 28 x 21.5 cm. The posters and the children's book are richly illustrated. Ad 1: Original printed illustrated paper wrappers. Ad 1: 64 pp.; Ad 3: 12 pp. Full description
€ 950
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1860s views of the Holy City of Jerusalem

BERGHEIM, Peter. Views of Jerusalem and Environs.
Jerusalem, [late 1860s]. Box: 43.8 x 34.5 x 7.3 cm. A suite of 48 albumen photographs (ca. 22 x 29 cm) mounted on modern cardstock (40.5 x 31.3 cm), mostly with original printed captions pasted beneath the image, with tissue guards. Stored in an archivel chemise in a modern gold-tooled red cloth box, incorporating the original gold-lettered red cloth album cover (original back cover gold-tooled vignette showing the Dome of the Rock recessed on the inside of the lid of the box). [48] ll. Full description
€ 35,000
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A British diarist on the Arab-African slave trade

DEVEREUX, William Cope. A cruise in the "Gorgon"; or, eighteen months on H.M.S. "Gorgon", engaged in the suppression of the slave trade on the east coast of Africa.
London, Bell and Daldy, 1869. 8vo. With a hand-coloured folding map as a frontispiece. Original publisher's blue cloth. XV, [1], 421, [3] pp. including 2 pp. of adverts. Full description
€ 4,500
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Eyewitness account of a 1570 diplomatic mission to the Ottoman court,
with 28 fine original colour drawings and samples of Turkish decorated paper

[DIPLOMATIC MISSION]. BRAECKLE, Jacques de. Memoires du voiage de Constantinople de Jacques de Bracle seigneur de Bassecourt.
[Various places, [1570 or very soon after]. 4to (main text & decorated paper) & 8vo (transcription & drawings) (21.5 x 14.5 cm). Manuscript in French, written in brown ink on paper in a Flemish bastarda gothic hand, with about 26 lines per page. With 8 contemporary half-sheet specimens of Turkish decorated "silhouette" paper (folded to make 16 leaves in 2 quires), a series of 28 drawings in brown ink and coloured gouaches, highlighted in gold (mostly costume figures, some showing the Sultan and other leading figures, others showing anonymous types from various ethnic and religious groups), plus a ca. 1800, transcript of the complete text and biography of the author (with his arms in colour). Modern sheepskin parchment. [2 blank], [34]; [5 blank], [62 incl. a few blank], [1 blank] pp. plus 8 double leaves of decorated paper and [36], [4 blank]; [2], [2 blank] pp. of 18th-century additions. Full description
€ 180,000
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Over forty plates of East Africa based on daguerrotypes

GULLAIN, Charles. Documents sur l'histoire, la geographie et le commerce de l'Afrique orientale.
Paris, Arthus Bertrand, [1856-1857]. 3 text volumes and 1 atlas volume. Text volumes: 8vo; atlas volume: folio. With 55 tinted plates. Contemporary leather-backed marbled boards. XXXI, [1], 628; XXIII, [1], 556; [4], 527, [1 blank] pp. Atlas volume: [4] pp. and 55 plates. Full description
€ 35,000
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A very rare critical edition of an almost unknown Samaritan Pentateuch manuscript

HWIID, Andreas Christian. Specimen ineditae versionis Arabico-Samaritanae Pentateuchi e codice manuscripto Bibliothecae Barberinae.
Rome, Praesidum Facultate, 1780. 8vo. With a woodcut vignette on the title-page, two decorated woodcut initials and a woodcut tailpiece. Latin, Samaritan and Arabic type throughout, and occasionally Coptic and Greek type. Contemporary gold- and blind-tooled mottled calf, with a red morrocco title label lettered in gold on the spine. 63, [1], XXXVIII, [1], [1 blank] pp. Full description
€ 6,500
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1970s Palestine support

[ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN CONFLICT]. [Collection of publications from organisations around the world who support Palestine, from the 1970s]
Beirut, Paris, and San Francisco, [various publishers], 1968-1975.
Comprising (in chronological order):
(1) LE COMITÉ D'INFORMATION DES FEMMES ARABES DES "AMIS DE JERUSALEM". Faits et réalités. Le problème Palestinien, No. 2, Avril 1968.
(2) THE LEBANESE ASSOCIATION FOR INFORMATION ON PALESTINE. Facts. Today in the Middle East, No. 5, June-July 1974. Beirut, 1974.
(3) IDEM. Facts. Today in the Middle East, No. 6, August 1974. Beirut, 1974.
(4) IDEM. Facts. Today in the Middle East, No. 7, October 1974. Beirut, 1974.
(5) CALIFORNIA MIDDLE EAST PEACE COALITION. The Middle East peace organizer April 1975. San Francisco, 1975.
(6) IDEM. The Middle East peace organizer June 1975. San Francisco, 1975.
(7) IDEM. The Middle East peace organizer August 1975. San Francisco, 1975.
(8) IDEM. The Middle East peace organizer Sept. - Oct. 1975. San Francisco, 1975.
9 volumes (4 publications). All approximately A4-sized (ca. 28 x 22 cm). Original printed paper wrappers, stapled. Full description
€ 750
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Rare publications from the 1970s, criticising Israel

[ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN CONFLICT]. [7 publications about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict].
Beirut, Bern, New York and Moscow, [various publishers], 1968-1983.
Comprising (in chronological order):
(1) ARAB INFORMATION CENTER. Israeli expansionism. New York, [ca 1970].
(2) L'AGENCE DE PRESSE NOVOSTI. Proche-orient: la voie d'une paix juste. Moscow, 1970.
(3) PALESTINE LIBERATION ORGANIZATION. Israel's policy towards Palestinians, 25 years of terrorism. Beirut, [ca. 1973].
(4) ARAB INFORMATION CENTER. The Arab-Israeli conflict. A brief presentation. New York, 1974.
(5) ASSOCIATION SUISSE-ARABE. Israel et la torture. Bern, 1977.
(6) ADAMS, Michael. Israel's treatment of the Arabs in the occupied areas (2x). New York, [1977].
(7) UNITED NATIONS. Commitee on the exercise of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people. New York, 1983.
8 volumes (7 publications). Varying from 16.5 x 9.5 cm to ca. 23 x 15.5 cm. With maps and black-and-white photographic illustrations in some of the publications. All in their original printed paper wrappers. Full description
€ 600
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An overview of the history of Zionism throughout the 20th century

[ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN CONFLICT - ZIONISM]. [Collection of publications concerning Zionism].
London and New York, [various publishers], 1936-1983.
Comprising (in chronological order):
(1) HECHALUTZ ORGANISATION OF ENGLAND. Palestine, its pioneers, its problems. London, 1936.
(2) THE LEAGUE FOR LABOR PALESTINE. [Call to the American Jewish community] (2x). New York, [1930s].
(3) AMERICAN ZIONIST COUNCIL. Israel and the Arab refugees. New York, [1951].
(4) CECIL, John. Israel, Palestine and the Middle East: fact not fancy. New York, 1960s.
(5) UNITED NATIONS. Israeli settlements in Gaza and the West Bank (including Jerusalem). Their nature and purpose. New York, 1982.
6 volumes (5 publications). The United Nations publication contains 2 maps of Israeli settlements in Gaza and the West Bank. All in their original printed paper wrappers. Full description
€ 950
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Concise handbook for Western travellers visiting the Gulf States

KILNER, Peter and Jonathan WALLACE (editors). A guide for businessmen and visitors. The Gulf handbook 1978.
Bath and London, Trade and Travel Publications and MEED, 1978. 17.5 x 12 cm. With 8 sections of a map (2 full-page and 3 double-page) in colour of showing several parts of the Arabian peninsula, 8 full-page black-and-white photographic portraits of the Heads of State of the different Gulf States, 21 black-and-white maps and plans of these states and their largest cities, and numerous advertisements (partially in colour) throughout. Original illustrative printed boards, showing an Arab man with a gun in front of a large satellite dish and an advert for Arab Wings showing a plane in the sky on the back. XII, 576 pp. Full description
€ 350
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From the libraries of King Louis-Philippe and Baron James de Rothschild

LABORDE, Léon [Emmanuel Simon Joseph] de. Voyage de l'Arabie Pétrée.
Paris, Giard, 1830. Imperial folio (42 x 59.6 cm). With a large lithographed title vignette and the coat of arms of Wilhelm II on the dedication leaf. 69 lithographed plates, maps, and plans after Laborde and Linant de Bellefonds, mostly mounted on India paper (including 3 folding and 2 coloured). Simier binding in gold-tooled half green morocco and marbled paper over boards, elaborately gold-tooled spine (and stamped in gold: "Simier R. du Roi"), marbled endpapers. [8], 87, [1] pp. Full description
€ 40,000
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Ca. 9000 Arabic terms and translations

[MANUSCRIPT - ARABIC - DICTIONARY]. [Vocabularium Italico-Arabicum]. Arabic-Italian dictionary.
[Probably Egypt, ca. 1770]. 4to (ca. 17 x 22 cm). Arabic and Italian manuscript on paper, 19 lines per extensum, paginated throughout from right to left. Near-contemporary brown leather with a blind-stamped oriental rosette as a center piece and similar style corner pieces on both boards, a (partial) manuscript title-label on the spine. 494 pp. Full description
€ 18,000
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The authoritative guide to Islamic jurisprudence: first English edition

[MARGHINANI, `Ali ibn Abi Bakr] (Charles HAMILTON, transl.). The Hedàya, or Guide; a commentary on the Mussulman laws: translated by the order of the Governor-General and Council of Bengal.
London, Thomas Bensley, 1791. 4 volumes. Small folio (22 x 27.5 cm). Modern half calf in period style, marbled sides, gold-tooled smooth spine divided into six fields by rolls, black morocco spine label in the second field, the others with an arabesque ornament. [2], LXXXIX, [1], XII, 561, [3]; VIII, 727, [3]; VIII, 609, [3]; VIII, 574, [54] pp. Errata leaf at end of each volume. Full description
€ 25,000
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One of the first Western works about the Hadhramaut region

MEULEN, Daniël van der and Hermann von WISSMANN. Hadramaut, some of its mysteries unveiled.
Leiden, E. J. Brill, 1932. 8vo. With a folding map of the region as a frontispiece, a very large folding map (ca. 75 x 106 cm) in the back behind a blue cloth strip mounted on the inside of the back board, and numerous black-and-white photographic illustrations throughout. Original navy blue buckram. XXVI, 248 pp. Full description
€ 250
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Rare first edition of a work describing Hadhramaut shortly after it had become a British protectorate

MEULEN, Daniël van der. Aden to the Hadhramaut. A journey in South Arabia.
London, John Murray, [1947]. 8vo. With a double-page map (printed on coated paper) signed: "drawn by M. W. Hawes from a sketch map by Prof. von Wissmann." and 91 black and white photographic illustrations. Original light grey/ beige cloth, with gold-lettering on the spine. XVI, 254, [2 blank] pp. Full description
€ 350
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Luxurious silver cigar box with engravings of Oman, made by a British master silversmith

[OMAN - SILVER CIGAR BOX], MACDONALD, George Grant (silversmith). [Engraved silver cigar box commissioned by the Assarain Group of Companies].
London, Assarain Group of Companies, Oman, 1990. With the map of Oman and 2 views engraved on the polished top. The cigar box (15 x 23 x 5 cm) is made of sterling (925) silver, with an engraved map and illustrations of Oman on the polished top, surrounded by a gilded frame, decorative engraving on the sides, a lined hardwood (mahogany?) inside, hallmarks on the underside. The cigar box is in a protective gold-tooled green morocco box (20 x 27 x 8 cm) with gold clasps, lined with green velvet and a white silk-like fabric. Full description
€ 7,500
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The role of the United Nations in the question of Palestine in the 1980s

[PALESTINE - UNITED NATIONS]. [Collection of United Nations publications about Palestine from the 1980s].
New York, United Nations, 1979-1985.
Comprising (in chronological order):
(1) UNITED NATIONS. The question of Palestine. New York, 1979.
(2) IDEM. The international status of the Palestinian people. New York, 1979.
(3) IDEM. The status of Jerusalem. New York, 1979.
(4) IDEM. The question of the observance of the fourth Geneva convention of 1949 in Gaza and the West Bank, including Jerusalem occupied by Israel in June 1967. New York, 1979.
(5) IDEM. Israel's policy on the West Bank water resources. New York, 1980.
(6) IDEM. Social, economic and political institutions in the West Bank and the Gaza strip. New York, 1982.
(7) IDEM. Commitee on the exercise of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people. New York, 1983.
(8) IDEM. The United Nations and the question of Palestine. [New York?], 1985.
8 volumes. Ca. 13.5 x 21 cm. All in original blue, green or white printed paper wrappers. Full description
€ 600
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Rare 16th-century German edition of the ancient Sanskrit Bidpai fables

[PANCHATANTRA/BIDPAI]. [CAPUA, Johannes de, and Anton von PFORR (translators)]. Der alten Weisenn exempel sprüch, mit vil schönen Beyspilen und Figuren erleüchtet.
(Colophon:) Strasbourg, printed by Jacob Frölich, 1539. Folio. With half-page woodcut illustration on title-page, further 1 full-page and 112 smaller (ca. 9 x 14 cm) woodcut illustrations in the text (including a small number of repeats), a woodcut royal procession above and woodcut device of a swan playing a viol below the colophon, numerous woodcut pictorial and decorative strips. Modern blind-tooled calf in 16th-century style. [4], CVII ll. Full description
€ 60,000
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by the British authorities">Very scarce, "secret" publication containing information regarding numerous influential Iranian people
by the British authorities

[PERSIA - BRITISH AUTHORITIES - NOTABLE PERSIAN TRIBES & PEOPLE]. Tribes and personalities of Western Persia.
Baghdad, printed at the Government Press, 1918. 8vo. With 2 folding genealogical charts, respectively showing the family trees of the royal Qajar house and the chiefs of the Qaraguzlu tribe, and a printed ornament on the front wrapper. Restored red printed paper wrappers, with a clear plastic protective wrapper. [1], [1 blank], 134, [2 blank] pp. Full description
€ 8,500
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Islamic texts on the Christian crusades

REINAUD, Joseph Toussaint. Extraits des historiens Arabes, relatifs aux guerres des croisades, ouvrage formant, d'après les écrivains Musulmans, un récit suivi des guerres saintes ...
[Paris], Imprimerie Royale, 8vo. Contemporary dark green half sheepskin, gold-tooled spine, marbled endpapers. XLVIII, 582 pp. Full description
€ 6,500
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The first-ever critical edition of an Arabic text

SCALIGER, Joseph Justus and Thomas ERPENIUS. [Kitab al-Amthal] seu proverbiorum Arabicorum centuriae duae.
Leiden, Frans van Ravelingen, 1614. 4to (16 × 20 cm). Ad 1 with a woodcut printers device on the title-page, woodcut initials and tailpieces. Ad 2 with a woodcut printers device on the title-page, woodcut tailpieces and woodcut ornamental frames around typographic Arabic initials. With:
(2) Cogitata nova de [kari] Psalm XXII, 17 & Jes. XXXIIX, 13 censurae philologorum committet ho elachistos ton philologounton.
[ca. 1615?].
(3) [BIBLE - NEW TESTAMENT - ARABIC]. ERPENIUS, Thomas (editor). [Risalat Bulus al-rasul ila ahl Rumija]. Pauli apostoli ad Romanos epistola, arabice.
Leiden, Typographia Erpeniana, 1615. Contemporary marbled calf. [8], 126, [2 blank]; [8]; [48] pp. Full description
€ 18,000
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The rarest, most beautiful, and most desirable book on falconry ever published

SCHLEGEL, Hermann and Abraham Hendrik VERSTER van WULVERHORST. Traité de fauconnerie.
Leiden & Düsseldorf, Arnz & Comp., 1844-1853. Two parts in one volume. Folio (ca. 51 x 70 cm). With a tinted lithographed title-page mounted on India paper, incorporating 11 vignettes illustrative of falconry by and after J. B. Sonderland. Further with 14 hand-coloured lithographed plates of falcons and falconry accoutrements, and 2 tinted lithographed plates mounted on India paper, of heron hawking. The illustrations are executed by Wendel, J. Dillmann, Portman and von Wouw, after J.B. Sonderland, J. Wolf, C. Scheuren (or G. Saal) and Portman and von Wouw. Expertly bound in contemporary gold-tooled half red morocco and red cloth over boards. Full description
€ 150,000
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Rare textbook for government officials, containing two historically important Persian texts

[TEXTBOOK - PERSIAN]. Ganjína-i-muhárawát. The Wazír-i-Lankurán and a selection from the diary of Násiru-d-dín Sháh containig [!] an account of the journey of the Sháh of Persia from Tehrán to Russia. Being a text book for the lower standard examination in Persian.
Calcutta, "published by authority", 1909. 8vo. With a floral ornament on page 3. The text is set in Persian script. Original quarter purple cloth and blue printed paper over boards, with the title in Persian on the front board and in English on the back board. [1], [1 blank], 80, [1 blank], [1] pp. Full description
€ 1,250
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One of 300 copies ever published, from the collection of Baron James de Rothschild

VELDE, Charles William Meredith van de. Le Pays d'Israël. Collection de cent vues prises d'après nature dans la Syrie et la Palestine pendant son voyage d'exploration géographique en 1851 et 1852.
Paris, Veuve Jules Renouard, 1857. Elephant folio (44 x 57 cm). With 99 lithographed plates and 1 engraved map. Contemporary half red morocco and brown marbled paper, with the title lettered in gold on the gold-tooled spine, marbled endpapers. [1], 88 pp. Full description
€ 28,000
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An in-depth geological study of an area of the Oman mountains for the oil industry

WILSON, H.H. Late cretaceous [and] eugeosynclinal sedimentation, gravity tectonics, and ophiolite emplacement in Oman mountains, Southeast Arabia.
[United States of America], Reprinted for private circulation for the American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin, 1969. 24 x 17.3 cm. With 30 black-and-white figures, primarily illustrations of different sediment layers in the region and photographs of mountains and different types of rock. Original cream wrappers, stapled. [1], 626-671 [= 45], [1 blank] pp. Full description
€ 400
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Rare report from General Allenby about the Palestine campaign, in Ottoman Turkish translation

[WWI - PALESTINE CAMPAIGN], HIKMET, Mülazim-i Evvel (translator). [In Arabic script:] Filistin hezimeti: Ceneral Allenbi'nin raporu [Palestine defeat: the report of general Allenby].
Istanbul, Matbaa-yi Orhaniye, 1335 AH [= 1919 CE]. 8vo (ca. 18.5 x 12.5 cm). With the Turkish text printed using Arabic script. Original publisher's orange printed paper wrappers. 48 pp. Full description
€ 2,500
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