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A unique view into the private life of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan

[ABU DHABI – ROYAL FAMILY]. [Photograph archive of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan's private life].
[Pakistan], [1968-1984]. An archive of 807 loose photographs, 541 in colour (including several duplicates, some printed in a different format), including 65 photos depicting falcons (3 duplicates, 36 in colour) and 14 photographs of camels (1 in colour). Full description
€ 75,000
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The establishment of archaeology and philology as fields of study, bound for a Bourbon(?) count, including a work on the famous Rosetta Stone

[ARCHAEOLOGY - PHILOLOGY] BARTHÉLEMY, Jean-Jacques and others. [Collection of texts on early archaeology and philology].
[Various places], [various publishers], 1760-1827.
(1) [CHRISTIE'S - LONDON]. A list of the very rare and valuable Aethiopic and other oriental manuscripts, collected by the celebrated traveller, James Bruce, esq. of Kinnaird, taken from the catalogue of them made by the late Alexander Murray, editor of the travels by Mr. Bruce in Abyssinia.
[London, 1827].
(2) WEBER, Georg Friedrich. Observationes sacrae circa funera populorum orientis. ...
Strasbourg, Johann Heinrich Heitz, [1767].
With a woodcut headpiece, tailpieces (2) and open-sided factotum.
(3) SEYFFARTH, Gustav [and Friedrich August Wilhelm SPOHN]. Brevis defensio hieroglyphices.
Leipzig, Johann Ambrosius Barth, 1827.
(4) SCHLICHTEGROLL, Friedrich von. Ueber die bey Rosette in Aegypten gefundene dreyfache Inschrift...
München, printed by Ignaz Joseph Lentner, [1818?].
(5) BARTHÉLEMY, Jean-Jacques. Explication de la mosaïque de Palestrine. Paris, H.L. Guerin & L.F. Delatour, 1760.
With 1 large folding engraved plate of the mosaic, 1 plate showing the names of animals written in the mosaic. Bound with it is an unrelated engraved plate on a 4to leaf, showing Samaritan medals (drawn and engraved by Poisson in 1790) that accompanied another one of Barthélemys publications.
(6) BARTHÉLEMY, Jean-Jacques. Lettre de m. l'abbé Barthelemy ...
[Paris, 1760].
With 2 plates of the Phoenician medals and Phoenician inscriptions found on Malta, with an elaborate woodcut headpiece and a woodcut tailpiece.
(7) BARTHÉLEMY, Jean-Jacques. Seconde lettre de m. l'abbé Barthelemy, ... sur quelques médailles Phéniciennes. [Paris, 1763].
With one plate of the Phoenician medals and the same elaborate woodcut headpiece as ad 6.
(8) [PARQUOY (assistant to labbé François BEJOT at the Bibliothèque du Roi). Lettre à messieurs les auteurs du Journal des Savans, sur un projet d'edition du Syncelle.
[Paris, 1778].
(9) BARTHÉLEMY, Jean-Jacques. Lettre a monsieur le Marquis Olivieri, au sujet de quelques monuments Phéniciens ... Paris, L.F. Delatour (printer), 1766.
With 4 plates (numbered I-IV, nos. I & III folding), the first 3 signed by P.L Charpentier, of Phoenician inscriptions, alphabet and medals. With a woodcut (oak branches with a ribbon) on the title-page and a woodcut headpiece.
(10) [D'ANSSE DE VILLOISON, Jean-Baptiste-Gaspard (draughtsman) and DROÜET (engraver)]. Alphabetum codicis bibliothecae coislininae, nunc sangermanensis, ineunte decimo saeculo manu exarati, ex quo Apollonii lexicon descriptum est. Paris, 1771.
10 works in 1 volume. 4to. A wholly engraved monograph, in Greek and Latin with a few words of Syriac.
Mid-19th-century half red goatskin morocco, sewn on 4 supports, gold-tooled spine (blind-tooled fillets) with the cypher monogram of a French count in compartments 1, 3 & 5 and "labbé|Barthelemy" and "Dissertations|1760-1792" in mid-19th-century roman capitals across compartments 2 & 4, "agathe" chemical-marbled sides, Spanish-marbled endpapers, red sprinkled edges, green ribbon marker. 16; 43, [1 blank]; 24; 28, XIV; [2], 44; 12; 8; 12; [1], [1 blank], 45, [1 blank]; 9, [1 blank] pp. Full description
€ 12,500
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The ever-alluring aspects of Egypt's landscape and monuments in the late nineteenth-century

BÉCHARD, Émile. L'Égypte et la Nubie. Grand album monumental, historique, architectural...
Paris, André Palmieri & Émile Béchard, 1887. Large folio (45.5 x 63 cm). With 150 collotype photographic plates, all signed, numbered and captioned in the wide margins of each plate. The half title-page and divisional half title-page for the explanation of the plates are printed in red , the typographical title-page shows a small vignette of an Egyptian mask. Loose leaves. 23, [1 blank], [3 (numbered [175]-177)], [1 blank], [1], [1 blank], [1], [1 blank] pp. and 150 plates. Full description
€ 35,000
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A brief history of medicine, including Mesue, Avicenna, Serapion the Younger and other Arab authors

CHAMPIER, Symphorien. Castigationes seu emendationes pharmacopolarum, sive apothecariorum, ac Arabum medicorum Mesue, Serapionis, Rafis, Alpharabii, & aliorum iuniorum medicorum...
(Colophon: Lyon, Johannes Crespin, 1532). 2 parts in 1 volume (bound in reverse order). 8vo. With armorial woodcut on title-page to the second part (bound as opening title-page), repeated several times in text, and numerous woodcut initials. Contemporary vellum, richly blind-tooled in a panel design. LVI, CXII ll. Full description
€ 12,500
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Communism in the Middle East

[COMMUNIST ESSAYS]. [Collection of communist essays for the Arabic-speaking and Middle Eastern market].
China, Israel, Russia (USSR), United States, [various publishers], 1968-1984. 16 publications. Several fold-out maps and some works with photographic plates. Including (in chronological order):
(1) LANE-POOLE, Stanley. Coins of the Amawi Khalifehs. Catalogue of the collection of Oriental coins belonging to Col. C. Seton Guthrie.
Chicago, Argonaut Publishers, 1968.
(2) [SOVIET REVISIONISTS versus the CHINESE PEOPLE'S LIBERATION ARMY]. [Title in Arabic:] Down with the new tsars! Soviet revisionists' anti-China atrocities on the Heilung and Wusuli Rivers.
Beijing, Foreign Languages Press, 1969.
(3) [AMERICAN FRIENDS SERVICE COMMITTEE]. [Title in Arabic:] Search for peace in the Middle East: a report prepared for the American Friends Service Committee.
Philadelphia, 1970.
(4) [AMERICAN FRIENDS SERVICE COMMITTEE]. [Title in Hebrew:] Search for peace in the Middle East: a report prepared for the American Friends Service Committee.
Tel Aviv, 1970.
(5) [AMERICAN FRIENDS SERVICE COMMITTEE]. Search for peace in the Middle East: a report prepared for the American Friends Service Committee.
[New York], [Hill and Wang], 1970.
(6) [AMERICAN FRIENDS SERVICE COMMITTEE]. Search for peace in the Middle East: a report prepared for the American Friends Service Committee.
New York, Hill and Wang, 1971.
(7) MAO ZEDONG. [Title in Arabic:] On the correct handling of contradictions among the people.
Beijing, Foreign Languages Press, 1971.
(8) MAO ZEDONG. [Title in Persian:] People of the world, unite and defeat the U.S. aggressors and all their running dogs!
Beijing, Foreign Language Press, 1971.
(9) MAO, ZEDONG. [Title in Persian:] Talks at the Yenan forum on literature and art.
Beijing, Foreign Languages Press, 1971.
(10) [1972 NEW YEAR'S DAY EDITORIAL?]. [Title in Arabic:] Unite to win still greater victories.
Beijing, Foreign Languages Press, 1972.
(11) [RENMIN RIBAO (editor)?]. [Title in Arabic:] A vicious motive, despicable tricks: a criticism of M. Antonioni's anti-China film "China".
Beijing, Foreign Languages Press, 1974.
(12) [NATIONAL PEOPLE'S CONGRESS - CHINA]. [Title in Arabic:] Documents of the first session of the fourth National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China.
Beijing, Foreign Languages Press, 1975.
(13) LENIN, Vladimir Ilyich. [Title in Arabic:] A letter to American workers.
Moscow, Progress Publishers, 1978.
(14) LENIN, Vladimir Ilyich. [Title in Arabic:] Two tactics of social-democracy in the Democratic Revolution.
Moscow, Progress Publishers, 1978.
(15) ENGELS, Friedrich. [Title in Arabic:] Anti-Dühring.
Moscow, Progress Publishers, 1984.
(16) [REVOLUTIONARY INTERNATIONALIST MOVEMENT]. [Title in Arabic:] Declaration of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement.
Mainly works in their original publisher's printed paper wrappers, occasionally in a hardcover binding. Full description
€ 3,500
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The wisdom of Ibn Sina, Ibn Rushd, and Abu Ma'shar al-Balkhi, received in an early incunable

MAGNI, Jacobus [Jacques Legrand]. Sophologium.
(Strasbourg, R-printer (Adolf Rusch), ca. 1468.). Folio (210 × 282 mm). 35 lines; capital spaces with tiny guide letters. Rubricated throughout, 3/5-line blue or red Lombardic initials. Bound in 18th century gilt crimson morocco, covers with triple gilt ruled border frame, elaborately gilt spine with morocco label. All edges gilt, gilt border sides, gilt inside dentelles. Marbled endpapers, bluish flyleaves. 217 (of 218) ff. (lacking the final blank).Roman type, Full description
€ 75,000
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Rare handbooks of the British naval intelligence division on Arabia, Palestine, and Syria

(2) IDEM. Palestine and Transjordan. December 1943.
(3) IDEM. Western Arabia and the Red Sea. June 1943.
Stationery Office, University Press Oxford, 1943-1946.
3 volumes. Many plates, tables and photographs. Each volume including separate fold-out maps, one in colour. Contemporary green cloth with the title in gold on the front boards and the spines. [2], XVI, 485, [1]; [2], XV, [1], 621, [1]; [2], XIX, [1], 659, [1] pp. Full description
€ 1,750
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Warmly inscribed by the author

PALGRAVE, William Gifford. Personal narrative of a year's journey through Central and Eastern Arabia (1862-63).
London and New York, Macmillan and Co., 1871. 8vo (ca. 13 x 19 cm). With a linen-backed folding map and 3 extending plans. Contemporary half morocco with maroon cloth over boards, gilt, front board stamped with the owner's initials "G.W.T.", marbled endpapers. [2], VI, [4], 421, [1] pp. Full description
€ 2,500
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First and only edition of a detailed history of the Franciscan mission in Morocco, beautifully produced

SAN JUAN DEL PUERTO, Francisco de Jesús María de. Mission historial de Marruecos, en que se trata de los martirios, persecuciones, y trabajos, que han padecido los missionarios, y frutos que han cogido las missiones, que han cogido las missiones, que desde sus principios tuvo la Orden Seraphica en el Imperio de Marruecos, y continùa La Provincia de San Diego de Franciscos descalços de Andalucia en el mismo Imperio.
Sevilla, Francisco Garay, 1708. Folio. With engraved allegorical frontispiece by Joannes Carolus Allet in Rome after Pietro de Pietri, title printed in red and black in a border built up from cast fleurons, and woodcut tailpieces and initials. Contemporary limp sheepskin parchment, leather thong ties. [44], 829, [19] pp. Full description
€ 12,500
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Incunabular Arabian Nights: The Book of Sindbad in Western European disguise

(SINDBAD – SEVEN SAGES). Historia septem sapientum Rome.
Cologne, Johann Koelhoff the Elder, of Lübeck, (before 6 November) 1490. 4to (200 x 128 mm), 34-37 lines, gothic type, rubricated in red. Illustrated with a large armorial woodcut printers device at the end and 23 full-page woodcuts, with two of the woodcuts repeated several times. Bound in contemporary blind-tooled full calf over wooden boards. Remains of clasps. Endpapers from a rubricated incunabular edition of the Biblia cum glossa ordinaria. [50] ff. [a–g6, H8]. Full description
€ 125,000
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Arabic travel account from the early Abbasid era, concerning China and India: rare English edition

SULAYMAN AL-TAJIR and ABU ZAID HASAN IBN YAZID, AL-SIRAFI. (Eusèbe RENAUDOT, editor). [Silsilat al-tawarik - English]. Ancient accounts of India and China, by two Mohammedan travellers, who went to those parts in the 9th century.
London, Samuel Harding, 1733. 8vo (ca. 12 x 20 cm). With a wood-engraved printer's device and the half-title-page and title-page printed in red and black. Contemporary blind-tooled panelled calf, sewn on 6 supports creating 6 compartments on the gold-tooled spine. With a red morocco title-label lettered in gold on the spine, red sprinkled edges. XXXVII, (1), 260, VII pp. Full description
€ 28,000
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