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Middle East & Islamic World

18th-century drawing of a lost 16th-century(?) Islamic world map, centred on the Gulf, showing the Great Mosque and Ka’bah at Mecca, the Great Mosque at Medina, and 5 others in Iraq and North Africa

[WORLD MAP - ISLAMIC MANUSCRIPT]. [Map of the world centred on the Arabian/Persian Gulf, showing at least 7 mosques or minarets].
[Northern India or Kashmir?, ca. 1770/80 copy of a 16th-century(?) original]. Colombier folio (50 x 42 cm). Oval manuscript map in ink and watercolour (blue, brown, green and red; map image including water 29.5 x 38 cm, the land alone 22 x 30.5 cm) on a half sheet of extremely large European laid paper, with dozens of features labelled in Persian (written in black ink in the nastaliq script) and with animals (including elephants and a dragon), people and 4 European ships. Framed, in a passe-partout. Full description
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Biographical dictionary of 254 Islamic scholars (11th-15th century), their writings and their academies, including a 22-page excerpt in Arabic from Ibn Qadi Shuhba’s biographical dictionary

WÜSTENFELD, Ferdinand and Ibn Qadi SHUHBA. Die Academien der Araber und ihre Lehrer. Nach Auszügen aus Ibn Schohba's Klassen der Schafeïten ...
Göttingen, Vanderhoeck & Ruprecht (colophon: printed by Friedrich Ernst Huth), 1837. 8vo. Publisher's original printed wrappers. VIII, 136; 22 pp. Full description
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First printed grammar of the Persian language and lives of Christ and Saint Peter in Persian and Latin

XAVIER, Hieronymous (Jerónimo de EZPELETA Y GOÑI) and Abd al-Sattar (translators) and Ludovicus de DIEU (ed.). Historia Christi Persice conscripta.
(2) XAVIER, Hieronymous (Jerónimo de EZPELETA Y GOÑI). Historia S. Petri Persice conscripta.
(3) DIEU, Ludovicus de. Rudimenta linguae Persicae.
Leiden, Bonaventura and Abraham Elzevier, 1639. 3 works in 1 volume. 4to. Vellum (ca. 1700?). [24], 636, [4]; [8], 144; [8], 95, [1 blank] pp. Full description
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Greek and Arabic physicians on pathology and therapeutics

IBN SARABIYUN, Yahya (SERAPIO the elder). Iani Damasceni Decapolitani summae inter Arabes autoritatis medici, Therapeutice methodi, hoc est, curandi artis Libri VII. partim Albano Torino Vitodurano paraphraste, partim Gerardo iatro Cremonensi metaphraste.
Basel, Heinrich Petri, (colophon: March 1543). Folio (20.5 x 29 cm). 17th century black vellum, made from an earlier liturgical music manuscript. [24], 491, [1] pp. Full description
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Large album with 48 19th-century albumen photographs of Palestine

ZANGAKI, Georgios and Constantinos. Album a photographies de la Terre Sainte arrangées par Boulos Méo Jérusalem.
[Jerusalum, Boulos Méo, ca. 1890?]. Oblong album (34 x 46.5 cm) with 48 large albumen photographic prints (ca. 22.5 x 28 cm), signed and captioned in the negative (in French), mounted on both sides of the album's leaves. Some with hand-written captions in pencil (in French) on the mount. Original publisher's grained goatskin(?) spine and sheepskin board edges, each board with a 5 mm thick bevelled and carved panel of olive(?) wood mounted on it, with a mozaic inlaid floral border in black, red, green and beige around the carved border, that on the front with a carved Jerusalem cross in the centre, that on the back with the title "Jerusalem" stencilled in black textura lettering, blue watered silk endleaves. Full description
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The Arabian Peninsula through the eyes of the American Christian missionary S.M. Zwemer

ZWEMER, Samuel Marinus. Arabia: the cradle of Islam. Studies in the geography, people and politics of the peninsula with an account of Islam and mission-work.
Edinburgh and London, Oliphant Anderson and Ferrier, [preface dated: Dec. 1900]. 8vo. With a cut-out picture of a Bedouin woman on the verso of the half-title-page, a picture of "a typical Arab of Yemen" as the frontispiece, 15 plates, a floor plan of a mosque, 2 maps and numerous small illustrations in the text. Yellow cloth. [6], 437, [1 blank] pp. Full description
€ 650
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