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Islamic Culture / Photography

"Ruler of group of Islands"

[PHOTOGRAPHY - BAHREIN]. HH Sheikh Hamad ibn Isa Al Khalifa with three other sheikhs.
Gulf region, 1920s. Black and white photograph (gelatin silver print, 8 x 7 cm) mounted on brown cardboard (9 x 8.5 cm). Captioned in white ink. Full description
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Souvenir album showing the Holy Land, Egypt, Athens and Venice in the second half of the 19th century

BONFILS, G. LEKEGIAN & CO, Brothers ZANGAKI, Collection MERLIN and Carlo NAYA. [Souvenir album with photographs of the Holy Land, Cairo, Athens and Venice].
[Palestine, Cairo, Athens, Venice, ca. 1890]. Oblong album (41.5 x 31 cm) containing 62 albumen prints, mostly 23 x 28 cm, with 2 smaller prints of ca. 16 x 28 and 5 large prints of 35.5 x 27 cm. Most of the photographs are numbered and captioned in French, and sometimes also in English, on the negative. Contemporary brown half morocco. Full description
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Luxury Palestine souvenir album

[BONFILS, Félix]. Jerusalem.
[Palestine, 1880s]. Oblong album (44.5 x 31.5 cm) With 71 large albumen photographic prints, mostly ca. 22 x 28 cm, signed and captioned in the negative (in French and English), mounted on both sides of the album's leaves. Includes a three-part folding panorama of Jerusalem from Mount Olivet, measuring 82 x 21 cm. Original auburn morocco with gilt upper cover, gilt edges. Full description
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Third copy located of an extremely rare ethnographic photo album

DAMMANN, Carl Victor and Friedrich Wilhelm. Ethnologischer Atlas sämmtlicher Menschen-Racen in Photographien, . . .
Hamburg, Otto Meissner, [1876]. With letterpress title-leaf and 179 albumen prints mounted on 25 paperboard leaves (31.5×46.5 cm), each leaf with a short general description in German, and all photos with irregularly numbered captions. Loose in a modern black half cloth clamshell box, with the original printed title-wrapper mounted on front. Full description
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Photographic platinum prints of falcons, owls, eagles, vultures and more from Tunisia and elsewhere

[ORNITHOLOGY - PHOTOGRAPHS]. [Stuffed birds, mostly birds of prey].
[Switzerland, ca. 1923]. 25 x 16 cm. With 48 original photographic prints (46 platinum prints and 2 silver gelatin prints; image size ca. 8 x 11 cm), nearly all showing stuffed birds, mostly birds of prey, a few with the collector or another person in the image as well. Mounted without adhesives, 2 per page, in a contemporary 12-leaf album bound in thick, soft boards covered with coated and textured green cloth. Full description
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5 original glass lantern slides with the earliest photographs of Mecca and Medina

SADIQ BEY, Muhammad, Christiaan SNOUCK HURGRONJE and Al-Sayyid ‘Abd al-GHAFFÂR. [5 photographic lantern slides of Mecca and Medina (silver gelatin glass positives), taken in the years 1880 to 1889].
Stuttgart, Lichtbilderverlag Theodor Benzinger, [ca. 1910]. 5 glass positive lantern slides (8.5 x 10 cm), each with a black paper mask, paper tape around the edges, a letterpress slip at the foot giving the publisher's name and city, and a slip at the head with the manuscript title. Kept in a contemporary purpose-made wooden box with brass fittings, with the word "Mekka" on the top of the hinged lid. Full description
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The visit of the British Resident to the last Sultan of Socotra

[PHOTOGRAPHY - SOCOTRA]. Photographic Section Public Relation Department Aden. [Album of photographs showing the visit of the British Resident to the sultan of Socotra].
[Mukalla, HMS Meon, Socotra, 1962]. Album with 31 photographs (15.5 x 20 cm), each with the corners inserted in triangular pockets, and 25 loosely inserted typed captions numbered 1-32. Oblong photograph album from the 1980s (20.5 x 24 cm). Full description
€ 8,500
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